How humans and hyperautomation will go beyond digital transformation success

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How humans and hyperautomation will go beyond digital transformation success

The human element is crucial to automation in successful digital transformation projects

With all the talk about AI and automation, it’s important to remember that humans will remain crucial to the success of digital transformation projects, which have a nasty habit of underperforming with automation alone.

Here’s how the human element of automation uptake will help you take many steps ahead of the competition.

Business process challenges holding back objectives

Automation is certainly a hot topic right now, but to see how it can help organisations, IT and business leaders should start by reviewing the business process challenges, which are holding back growth and innovation objectives.

For starters, there are countless repetitive and manual tasks which are time-consuming, prone to errors and demotivating to employees. Such inefficient workflows involve tasks which aren’t streamlined or optimised leading to bottlenecks, delays and reduced productivity.

Then there is poor data management and analysis. Today’s businesses generate a huge amount of data which is tricky to manage and difficult to get the right insights from. Part of the problem here is complex IT systems – either legacy systems or just hugely complex data systems and processes which might not be joined up and working together to enable timely data analysis.

Another challenge is human error which can occur in various processes, leading to costly mistakes, and, depending on the process, compliance issues or legal consequences.

If internal processes are not working well then there is big potential for poor customer service and support as staff grabble with large volumes of inquiries or repetitive tasks.

When AI is mentioned as a silver bullet to bad processes, business leaders must then deal with employee fears on the topic.

All these process challenges detract from business objectives, which vary from scalability and growth – including the need to maintain efficiency and quality to meet growing demands – to innovation and agility, which need the ability to adapt quickly to market changes and new opportunities.

IT leaders are also looking to improve talent management and skills shortfalls and need to invest in upskilling and reskilling programs to bridge skills gaps and cultivate a workforce that can effectively leverage automation and drive business outcomes.

In a hybrid working world, IT leaders also need to lift collaboration and communication to ensure productivity and innovation flows freely throughout an organization. In addition, better customer experience is important to meet demanding needs of customers in an ‘always-on / always-available’ society.

Let’s not forget budgets, cost effectiveness and increasing the bottom line are all big objectives for 2023 and beyond.

Be human+ for better automation outcomes

As IT leaders work towards meeting business objectives amid process challenges, now is the time to explore how a combination of human + digital workforces can help to navigate the evolving business landscape and drive operational success.

Technology doesn't replace human ingenuity; it augments it because it frees staff up from mundane tasks. It also empowers staff which creates sustainable change and better business outcomes.

When it comes to automation technology is just the enabler, and whilst we have an extensive toolkit of cutting-edge technology, we partner with the world’s best platform vendors. For our customers this means it’s not a case of using technology for the sake of it, or using every single tool in the box, but finding the solution that works, the solution that results in better, and long lasting, business outcomes.

At Roboyo we address business challenges from a solution and technology agnostic viewpoint – so we’re free to formulate a solution tailored to your needs. It’s basically about fusing the best technology, the best processes, and the best people for optimum results – one can’t work without the other two, and success today depends on a harmonious balance.

The Human+ concept, championed by Roboyo, serves as a guiding principle for IT and business leaders. Roboyo emphasizes the importance of embracing a more holistic and forward-thinking strategy that goes beyond mere staff reduction.

Roboyo sees a human and digital workforce through the lens of freeing people from the manual, inefficient work that we all hate as individuals and hinders growth of the organisation. This is an example of how we approach things strategically and for the long-term. We lead our customers and allow them to free up the resources to be able to put that into practice.

For example, in what is believed to be a world first initiative, the Queensland Government introduced a financial provisioning scheme for the rehabilitation of mines. Roboyo adopted an agile approach to quickly deliver a Financial Assurance Information Registry (FAIR) application using a low-code platform which reduced the average time taken to complete risk assessments, increased cross-departmental collaboration and more streamlined processes resulting in better outcomes.

Get ready to outrun the competition

Australia’s IT leaders should not settle for “transformation success” alone. If digital transformation is done properly with Human+ hyperautomation then IT and business leaders can expect much better results and higher performance gains.

We take what’s possible to the next level and do it with a combination of strategic and critical thinking, bolstered by the principles of process excellence through Lean Six Sigma methodology and fortified by cutting edge intelligent automation technology.

Those elements are a powerful combination to enable organisations and businesses not simply transform, but to outsmart and outrun the competition.

Roboyo helps clients operationalize a full spectrum of AI-powered automation technologies, creating hybrid Human+digital workforces elevating enterprise performance gains from increments to multiples. Click here for more Information:

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