How to Start a Mastermind Group

Starting a mastermind group is a pathway to accruing highly coordinated awareness between two or more like-minded individuals with the aim of achieving a definite goal. Being part of a mastermind group is a catalyst to significant changes in your life. There are levels that you can only reach, in your life’s goals, if you join efforts together with people you share a common purpose with. In fact, the common saying, “No man is an island” carries a lot of truth. For this reason, starting a mastermind group happens to be a highly valuable idea. For you to start a high performance and vibrant mastermind group, several imperative things are worthy of a consideration. Learn, below, the basics of starting a mastermind group.

Decide On Your Group Type

Choosing the type of mastermind group you would like to start is the first step for you to take. There are different types of groups you can base your mastermind group on. For instance, you can settle for an online business oriented group. This group brings together two or more individuals running online businesses to begin on a journey of sharpening one another by sharing knowledge related to online business. In such a group type, the members of the group don’t necessarily have to be running the same line of business. Actually, they can be from diverse niches, but they have to be operating online businesses. Taking time to decide on the type of mastermind group to start carries a great deal of significance. Ideally, this is what forms the basis of the issues that you will be discussing and tackling in your group meetings. Based on the areas that you will like to experience improvement in, you will be in a position to know the type of mastermind group you would like to start.

Come Up With a Definite Purpose

A purpose is a major building-block for your mastermind group. Essentially, this is what the group will be all about. Perhaps, the question you should ask yourself as you come up with the purpose for the group is why the group exists? Answering this question will help you to define your purpose clearly. Thankfully, once you have defined the group type, you will not find it difficult to decide on the group’s purpose. For example, if your mastermind group is internet and online business oriented, the purpose of the group will definitely be aligned to the same. As you think of your group’s purpose, take into account its vision, mission, and values. These, as well, have to be integrated for you to have a larger picture of your mastermind group. Of great significance still, make sure that the purpose is specific. Avoid any ambiguity so that members can understand it clearly.

Set the Code of Conduct

In any group, there are rules and regulations that define how members conduct themselves. This is a very important aspect that you should consider when starting a mastermind group. For a mastermind group to be successful, clear expectations from every member are imperative. From the onset, each member should know what is expected of them and works towards maintaining commitment. It’s worth noting that ground rules are not meant to suppress anyone, but to ensure that every member benefits. The ground rules can either be loose or strict, depending on what you deem fit for your mastermind group. Regardless of whether the rules are loose or strict, every team member should understand them clearly. When people comprehend the code of conduct that defines their place in a group, they will show commitment and be willing to see the group succeed. Hence, as you set the code of conduct for your mastermind group, consider creating an environment that will foster a greater sense of accountability from the members.

Assemble Your Team

After you have created the rules and regulations to guide the group, it’s now time to assemble members to form it. Take note that you have to pick the right people for a mastermind group. Remember, being united in a common purpose and like-mindedness is paramount for a group of this caliber. Therefore, you can’t have just anyone in mind when picking team members. Essentially, you will want people with the same levels of aspiration and the desire for accomplishment. Moreover, the people you assemble should have matching values and principles. This is imperative so that you can have the same mind and avoid unnecessary conflicts that can be destructive to the group’s harmony. It’s also a great idea to have some of the members being ahead of you in terms of experience and success, since they will offer a valuable platform for you to go to higher levels of learning and success. Members who are at the same level of success and experience motivate each other, but when you have a couple of members who are ahead, they will offer wisdom and inspiration.

Consider the Number of People in Your Team

Another essential point of consideration when putting your team together is the number of people in your group. Generally, a mastermind group can have a minimum of 2 people and as many as 50 people. You don’t need to have a large group for you to be successful. In fact, a smaller group of around 4-6 people is ideal. Smaller groups are the best because members are able to discuss matters deeper and give every person a chance to contribute. Again, if you have a small group, it will be easier for you to meet frequently. Therefore, consider a small team for easier management.

Certainly, great accomplishments and higher levels of growth are not a sudden flight. They are a result of people coming together and agreeing to sharpen one another and bring the best out of everyone. A mastermind group is what people who are looking for greater levels of achievement need in order to climb the ladder of success. Starting your own group is not a big problem as long as you:

(1) know the type of group you want, (2) have a define purpose, (3) have clear rules and regulations to govern the group, (4) have the right people in mind, and (5) have the appropriate number of people in the group. Once the group is operational, make sure that respect, value, and support are accorded to every member.

This spurs the much-needed commitment for the success of a mastermind group. Lastly, encourage contribution from every member so that your group can be beneficial to all.


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