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Get LCS com Review

If you are into online marketing, you must have heard about Lead Conversion Squared, a system that is aimed to help marketers generate and convert leads.

But before we delve deep into the LCS2 review or Lead Conversion Squared review, let’s first explain a few things for anyone who is getting started with online marketing.

A lead is a prospective customer who can be converted into a paying customer. A lead qualifies to be a potential prospect after meeting certain criteria. Maybe they came to your landing page but didn’t take action, or they proceeded to take action but left the process halfway, etc. These are leads you need to find a way to convince so they can take action. If you manage to make them take your desired action, then that’s what we call conversion.

Now before you close the tab because things were starting to get boring, let’s get back to the topic that brought you here.

There is a lot of hype and excitement as LCS Squared is about to be launched. There is no doubt that this platform will attract a large number of digital marketers who are looking to make more money online.

If you sell high-value products online or just want to push your conversion to the rooftop, LCS2 is here to guide you.

In this Lead Conversion Squared review, we will talk about what it is, the people behind it, what is included in this system, and the benefits to expect.


Lead Conversion Squared is a system created by top digital marketers, namely Daven Michaels and Chad Nicely, to help marketers generate more leads and boost their conversion rate. To help you do this, this system provides marketers with virtual assistants that can help them generate at least 1,000 leads every month.

Also, the program provides you with tools at the end of the 3-day MasterClass to help you manage your leads. During the training, you will be taken through a step-by-step process on how to generate qualified, high-quality leads and ensure they convert to loyal customers.

The information about the system is scanty because it is not yet launched, but there is enough to convince you that this much-awaited system is worth a try.

Overall, we can term LSC2 as a system that trains you on how to collect as many leads as you can by optimizing your lead capture pages and lead magnets and building a good relationship with them so that they can become well-paying customers. In addition, you are taught how to automate most of the lead generation and conversion processes.


The brains behind LSC Squared are Daven Michaels and Chad Nicely.

Daven Michaels

Michaels is an entrepreneur, an author, and a speaker. He began to venture into entrepreneurship at an early age of 15 years.

He has all along created successful businesses, some of which have gone to become multi-million dollar businesses.

One of his most successful ventures is the 123Employee, which is a virtual employee center in Philippine. The company now has hundreds of employees.

Michaels derives most of his satisfaction by helping people make more money and grow their businesses. That’s why he teamed up with his fellow marketer, Chad Nicely, to help more digital marketers generate and convert more leads so as to reach their goals.

Chad Nicely

Chad had a tough childhood, but despite the challenges he faced early on in his life, such as a broken marriage and collapse of his early businesses, he overcame and is now a successful business person in the industry.

He now owns EverSuite, a software that helps influencers run their marketing campaigns. Chad also runs a successful digital marketing design.

He teamed up with Michaels to create a more comprehensive system than those available in the market to help marketers excel in whichever niche they are in.

Together, they combined their ideas, experience, and knowledge to come up with Lead Conversion Squared.


The Lead Conversion Squared system uses several features to enable marketers to generate more leads and convert as many of them as possible. Here are four features of LCS2 that will help you turn leads into customers;


This system will help you create sales pipelines that you can use to boost your conversion. A sales pipeline guides your leads through the process of purchase. In other words, it warms your leads and prepares them to make a decision.


Once a lead comes to your landing page or enters a sales pipeline, the aim of a marketer is to convince them to take action. In most cases, this action can be to purchase a product or service, sign up for a newsletter, etc. However, many of the leads leave the process halfway.

LCS2 has an automated follow-up system that encourages these leads to come back to your site and complete the action. This is another way LCS2 helps to boost conversion.


Let’s say, for instance, a lead viewed products on your site but didn’t click purchase, or they clicked purchase but didn’t complete the purchase process. LCS2 tagging system displays the products they left on their social media feeds and other platforms in an effort to convince them to come back and complete their purchase.


This is another avenue LCS2 uses to reach out to leads to convince them to come back to your site and complete the action they didn’t take.

All these features help to help you reach out to lost leads in a process called retargeting. This is known to help boost conversion.


· Easy to digest. Since this system is created by marketers who are authors and have experience in creating marketing programs, we can say that the strategies in it will be easy to learn

· Unique approach. Daven Michaels and Chad Nicely created this program based on their experience and knowledge. This means that the lead generation and conversion strategies explained in it are unique and practical

· Does not require technical skills. You don’t need to possess technical skills to use this program as you will be trained on how to use the tools as well as apply the strategies

· It offers an opportunity for people to earn. LCS2 comes with a CRM software that helps you manage and qualify your leads. You can sell leads to other businesses and earn


The basic rule for any online business is simple- the more leads you generate and convert, the more the income. And this great software enables you to access all the features a business need to generate and convert leads.

With a sensible investment into this program, you can get a life-long boost in revenue thanks to the knowledge gained and tools you will get.

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