About Dean Graziosi

Dean Graziosi is an iconic American entrepreneur, a successful marketer, a success coach, and entrepreneur. He also invests in real estate, and over the last few years, he has established himself as the biggest thought trainer across the globe. Dean has appeared on American television for more than 15 years and is massively respected for his contributions to the entrepreneurial industry.

He has also won multiple bestseller awards for his gripping titles and has served as an inspirational speaker. While there are many feathers in Graziosi’s hat, he is probably best known for his style of interviews in TV shows.

Owing to his success, he has also evolved as one of the best real estate educators across the globe. He has already reached multiple viewers in America and his viewers across the globe are increasing every day. Dean Graziosi has also written five books covering success, business, the real estate industry, and similar other topics. His current best-selling title has sold more than 1,000,000 copies.

Early Life and Education

Dean Graziosi is a native of New York. He was born in Marlboro and spent his early life there. His parents are Paul Graziosi and Gloria Post. He is the only son to the couple, and also the youngest in his family. Dean has an elder sister. While he has written some revolutionary titles and mind-boggling books, Dean’s childhood was certainly not the best. His parents got divorced when he was only three years old. After that, he was primarily raised by his mother and grandmother.

When he was finally 13, Dean’s dad got his custody and he spent his growing years with the dad. While growing up, Dean’s family encountered several financial issues and he had to switch places more than twenty times till he was 19. He completed his schooling from Marlboro High School and never had an opportunity to go to college.

However, the lack of college education couldn’t hinder his entrepreneurial success. By the age of 20 itself, Dean had already been a part of a successful business venture. This was a humble affair involving the purchase, repair, and resale of cars. At this point, he also scored a successful deal in real estate. At that point, Dean had no capital. So, he made a smart move by buying a run-down apartment without putting any money down.

This very experience motivated him to keep investing in lucrative real estate ventures. In an interview, he claimed that these formative years shaped him and helped him become the person he was. He doesn’t harbor any hard feelings for the difficult time of his life.

Currently, he lives in Phoenix, Arizona and has two beautiful kids, Breanna and Brody.


After multiple successful stints in the real estate industry, Graziosi achieved his first real success with a course he developed. This training course was created according to his personal insights and was called Think a Little Different’. As you’d probably guess, it turned out to be staggeringly successful. After the massive success of this program, he came up with his first book called Totally Fulfilled’. Published on May 2006, by the reputed Vanguard Press this book ended up hitting the best-seller’s list of New York Times. Through this book, he effectively explained his core approach in gaining viable results in almost every area of life.

His second book was released a year later by Vanguard Press. Titled Be a Real Estate Millionaire’, this book hit the best-seller’s list both in 2007 and 2008. It made its way to the New York Times, USA Today, and the iconic Wall Street Journal. Over the next few years, it also ended up being an Amazon best-seller.

Dean’s third installment of books was scheduled in January 2009. Known as Profit From Real Estate Right Now’, this was more of a step-by-step guide explaining to beginners how to make a profitable investment in real estate. This one garnered immediate success and within just three months it managed to cross the sales of all his previous titles. Eventually, Dean came up with two other titles in real estate and both these books unsurprisingly amassed great sales. The first book was called Your Town Your Profits’ and the next one in line was ’30 Days To Real Estate Cash’.

By 2010, Dean had already collaborated with a company whose managers had 15 years’ experience in handling and working with live events. He teamed up with these experts to deliver his own live events in various cities spanning in America. The personal approach along with Dean’s excellent training and reputation led to the success of his events. By early 2011, this company was one of the biggest live training companies for real estate in America.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

By the year 2002, Dean Graziosi came up with his own company. Known by the name of Dean Enterprises, this company focused on creating and disseminating his real estate centric products. This company exclusively rolls out the informative materials and books written by Dean. Since the very beginning of his career, Dean has been focused on improving life for those who desired more, and probably better. He wanted to get a complete grip of the industry, whereby he can offer complete success to the people availing his courses. He didn’t want to make any false promises. Instead, he wanted to stand out by telling the truth.

Dean is always willing to help the ones who want to be massively successful. He does this by offering them the right tools that would help them achieve their goals. His titles and informative material help newbie real estate enthusiasts aim higher. It boosts their confidence and motivates them to the core!

Currently, Dean also holds and operates a company by the name of JBB Enterprises. This company is designed to handle his existing real estate holdings. It also manages his current flips. Every year, Dean signs hundreds of successful real estate projects. This doesn’t just help him build wealth or maintain his legacy but also keeps him consistently sharp. Since the markets are ever-changing, it only makes sense to hone one’s inherent abilities whereby one can stand ahead of others. Dean does exactly this. Besides, he also shares his insights with individuals who are looking to learn more. He believes in the power of people and is certain that everyone can achieve great success with a bit of zeal, grit, and determination.

What Sets Him Apart?

Well, one of the biggest things that set Dean Graziosi apart is his desire to share the truth at every given point. This man has been sharing knowledge deep from his heart for almost one entire decade. He is not insecure about the knowledge he has. Instead, he is always willing to share it with the people who want to understand his strategies and make the most of their lives.

Why Is Dean Graziosi Popular?

If you’ve read till this point, you probably know how popular Dean Graziosi is. The secret to his popularity is his people’s skills. Like we already mentioned, Dean is always focused on mingling with the masses. He wants to reach out to more individuals in a simple yet completely effective manner. Interestingly, he has achieved this goal. At this point, he has already touched the lives of millions of individuals with his insightful books, audiobooks, courses, videos, and seminars. He has shared his knowledge of being a successful entrepreneur with anyone who has a similar goal. A leading guest in both national and international shows, Dean has plenty of viewers who truly revere him.

Knowledge Business BluePrint

Over time, Dean Graziosi collaborated with the masterminds Tony Robbins and Russel Brunson for coming up with a solid course that would help everyone who is looking to make money. This is probably the first course that is tailored to educate individuals about making profits from their inherent expertise. This course will work in your favor even if you haven’t gained expertise in any field. It will guide and assist you in creating and making a profit from both virtual and in-person seminars and masterminds.

Dean has spent plenty of time in creating the dedicated material for the course. This material helps you effectively build the best masterminds, seminar sessions, group training sessions, and workshops. The best part: you can build any educational format with it. And it won’t be restricted in any field. With this course, he will help you understand various marketing strategies that are required to be successful. When you use these strategies, they will effectively help you make the most of your course.

Along with the course material you will also get to access the iconic MindMint software that’ll help you reach the extra mile. Many people have used this course and plenty of other courses by Graziosi. So, join the bandwagon to make the most of your available time and resources.

Bottom Line


Dean Graziosi is reputed, revered, and well-known for his excellent contributions in the entrepreneurial and thought leadership industry. Follow him and read his latest books to understand the complexities of marketing better. The best part: from his insights, you will also get to understand the best way of monetizing your skills. His able expertise will certainly offer you much needed direction.

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